My thoughts, my loves, my hopes, my dreams.

I like Jay & Silent Bob, Buffy and most things by Joss Whedon. I also like 80's movies.

I will mainly be sharing whatever I am in the mood for.

It can range from funny to sometimes serious.

I occasionally will make gif sets from movies I own. If you have a gif set you'd like made, feel free to ask and I'll see if I have it/can get it. The catch is, it has to be a movie I at least moderately like :P

I want gender equity/equality. I believe men should be taught not to rape rather than teach women to hide in fear. As someone very wise here on Tumblr once said "If you're promoting changes to women's behavior to prevent rape, you're really saying "make sure he rapes the other girl."

I love Sailor Moon and it is my favorite anime. I am not affiliated with any religion. Does not mean I am intolerant of religious people. So long as you are not sexist, racist, homophobic or a jackass in general - we'll get along swimmingly. Both male and female genital mutilation are barbaric and archaic practices that should be made illegal.

I live a Paleo lifestyle which I secretly call the "avoid-eating-toxic-shit-to-be-healthy" lifestyle. Mostly organic meats and veggies. I support local farmers that don't pump their animals full of crap. GMO is evil and has already been banned/moderated in many countries. I hope it gets done in the USA and Canada soon.

I also support the right to choose whatever you personally wish to do. Be it to have an abortion, or to NOT have one. To NOT vaccinate or TO vaccinate. To be gay or to not be gay. To smoke or not to smoke. To drink or not to drink. I am prochoice when it comes down to these things. In short: I have empathy and am able to relate. If anti-gay people were forced to be gay, you wouldn't like it. If probirth people were forced to abort, you wouldn't like it. So stop bitching about people who do not do what you do and stop trying to pass absurd laws. Thank you.

P.S. I think Canadians are awesome.

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